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  • K65,KN70 Steel Folding Door System
  • K65,KN70 Steel Folding Door System

    -Folding door have lots of advantages such as beautiful appearance,  new style, lots of appearance effect, convenient to use, sliding freely, light weight, difficult to changing color and easy to install. It can be a kind of beautiful scenery. With the character that folding door can slide to the door side, this system solve the problem of lack of the space..
    All components of this system has been industrially manufactured, and can be conveniently, rapidly and efficiently installed. There is no any other consumption on site.






    Large span, beautiful appearance and visual enjoyment

       ?The steel profile is more slender than aluminum profile due to the high strength of steel, and can be used in a large span curtain wall and in the system with large glass panel. Because of the diversified choice of personalized profile, architects can achieve a more beautiful, more transparent architectural appearance than other product. This folding door system have same advantages such as good sealing performance, thermal insulation, moisture protection, fire resistance, sound insulation and saving space according to side-hung door system`s and sliding door system`s.

      *Fireproof class:EI30-EI90/E30-E90/EW30-EW60
      *Anti-blasting class:RC1-3     *Anti-bullet class: FB4 NS

      Adopt appropriate glass panel and thermal insulated profile,Thermal Insulation performance: The U value less than 1.8w/(.K)

    System Innovation 

    ?Perfect system steel components give personalized design more creative space


    Using of U type connection, T type connection, cross type connection and sound insulation pad, greatly improve the installation accuracy.



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