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  • Product displayM30 System


    Product displayM30 System

    M30 Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel door and Partition System 


    All components of this system are industrially manufactured, and can be conveniently, rapidly and efficiently installed by people. There are no any other consumption on site.

                    The components of this system is steel or stainless steel.


    System Advantages


    With a variety of material selections and it`s combinations, the steel door and window system have a different texture.

       ?Galvanized steel profile system have a variety of colors paintings to choose。

      ?The surface of the stainless steel profile system can be processed into embossing, mirror,wire drawing processing, copper plating,24K gold plating, antique copper, black and gold vacuum plating that can meet the demand of high-end crowd.。

      ?The combination of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy can meet the architects' requirements by achieving the decoration line.

      ?The steel profile is more slender than aluminum profile due to the high strength of steel, and can be used in a large span curtain wall and in the system with large glass panel. Because of the diversified choice of personalized profile, architects can achieve a more beautiful, more transparent architectural appearance than other product.。


    System Innovation

       ?This system`s cover and it`s components can be easily removed without damaging floor surface, wall surface and ceiling surface. The cover can disassemble without permanent deformation and can be reused many times.

       ?Using of U type connection, T type connection, cross type connection and sound insulation pad, greatly improve the installation accuracy.。

       ?This system`s components are perfect, scientific and can be installed flexibly. This system can be used in shopping mall, office building, and interior partition.  。


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