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  • KN70 Steel Thermal insulated door and window System
  • KN70 Steel Thermal insulated door and window System



    Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly



    With the depletion of the global energy, the utilization rate of energy is getting more and more important to people. Doors and windows as the building`s envelope, its mission change to keep warm, insulate heat, resist fire, resist water and so on. In order to meet the needs of the market in China, KINOGE has introduced thermal insulated doors and windows system from Europe.

    The material of thermal insulation doors and windows system are all adopted green and environmentally friendly steel and stainless steel. With the properties of excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance, durability and so on, Steel profiles have a more favorable price than the traditional thermal insulation profiles

    All components have been standardized and industrialized manufactured. During installation, there is no unnecessary consumption of energy on site. Doors and Windows's frame are all thermal insulated hot galvanized steel and stainless steel profiles. Thematerial of thermal insulation strip is Macromolecule polymer, which not only ensure the profile have high strength, but also ensure function of heat insulation.




    Safety Performances

       ? Waterproof sealing technology of Heat insulation window uses the most advanced European Hidden rear ventilation and drainage technology to realize isobaric cavity drainage function.。

        Steel Framework adopts seamless welding technology, so that waterproof performance is better than others.。

       ? The performances meet national standards, that are Anti-wind pressure, Anti-snow load, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, air tightness, water tightness, etc., according to Graduations and test methods of air permeability, water tightness, wind load resistance performance for building external windows and doors GB/T 7106-2008.。

       ? Safety Performance(adopting appropriate  glass panel)

         * Fireproof class:EI30-EI90/E30-E90/EW30-EW60

         * Anti-blasting class:RC1-3

         * Anti-bullet class: FB4 NS

       ? Hardware: European Hardware, Intelligent control system

       ? Windows types: Side-hung door, Top-hung window, tilting and turning window

       ? Doors types: Side-hung door, folding door

       ? All components has been industrially manufactured, and can be conveniently, rapidly and efficiently installed.

      Thermal Insulation performance: The U value less than 1.6w/(.K)

       ? Sound insulation performance: Rw valuve 33~41dB

       ? Visible Light Transmittance: 65%~76%


    System Advantages

    With a variety of selections of materialand it`s combinations, the steel door and window system have different texture.

     ? Galvanized steel profile system can be chose a variety of colors to paint.。

     ?The surface of the stainless steel profile system can be processed into embossing, mirror,wire drawing processing, copper plating,24K gold plating, antique copper, black and gold vacuum plating that can meet the demand of high-end crowd.。


     ? The combination of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy can meet the architects' requirements by achieving the decoration line.


     ?The steel profile is slender due to the high strength of steel, and can be used in a large span curtain wall and the system with large glass panel. Because of the diversified choice of personalized profile, architects can achieve a more beautiful, more transparent architectural appearance than other products.。

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