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  • M65 Steel Curtain wall and Steel Sun Room System
  • M65 Steel Curtain wall and Steel Sun Room System




    Sun room is a sort of building type and it is recommended to the people who is fashionable and want to get close to nature.


    Using glass panel and metal frame, sun room system is more transparent. Using this system can enjoy sunlight and get close to nature.


    All components have been standardized and industrialized manufactured. During field installation, there is no unnecessary energy consumption on site.









    Functional configuration system




    Galvanized steel profile

    Thermal insulated stainless steel profile system


    Low-E hollow glass with laminated glass

    Low-E hollow glass

    Low-E fire resistant hollow glass

    Low-E bulletproof hollow glass

    Low-E anti-riot hollow glass

    Intelligent control skylight system

    Steel folding door system

    Steel side-hung window system

    Steel tilting and turning sash, opening inward

    Steel side-hung door system

    Steel sliding door system

    Intelligent shift control sky light system

    Intelligent sun-shading system

    Drainage system

    Heavy-current and light-current control system

    Air-conditioning ventilation system

    Heating supply system



    Functional configuration system

    System Advantages

    Large span, beauty appearance and visual enjoyment.
    The steel profile is slender due to the steel`s high strength, and can be used in a larger span curtain wall. Because of the diversified choice of personalized profile, architects can achieve a more beautiful and transparent architectural appearance.
    Fireproof class: EI30-EI90/E30-E90/EW30-EW60

    Anti-blasting class: RC1-3

    Anti-bullet class: FB4 NS

    Thermal Insulation performance: The U value less than 1.8w/(.K)

    Sound insulation performance: 33dB - 41dB

    Visible Light Transmission: 65% - 76%



    System Innovation

    Perfect system give personalized design more creative space

    The application of U, T type, cross type connecting piece and sound insulation pad, greatly improve the installation accuracy of steel system.

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